Bike Month@ Murdoch Uni

Leah Knapp
Murdoch University

Murdoch Uni's Bike Month activities saw an increase in new riders on previous years. While this is (I think) in part due to the increase in riding we've observed during Covid restrictions, the activities we were able to fund thanks to our WestCycle grant certainly helped keep the bike buzz going. Our Rusty Riders workshop of 6 novice riders included one person who had not been on a bike for more than 20 years, following a horrific accident on her bike. By the end of the workshop she was fairly confidently managing left and right turns and braking- well done!!

The bike repair service at our usual Market Day was a great service to offer. In a first, we charged a small fee to punters, which supplemented our grant and made it go further. We'll do this again. Everyone who booked and paid actually showed up and the People On Bicycles team did an awesome job as usual. Again, there were several bikes that had obviously been pulled out of sheds and needed a lot of TLC, but if it means those folks will be more inclined to ride, then that's a good outcome.

Our Bike to Uni breakfast was attended by 28 people, several who were riding to Uni for the first time. This was really exciting! And we got to ogle each other's rides... including this homemade recumbent.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Leah - well you certainly put pen to paper super quickly after our chat! Great to hear that all your bike month events were well attended. You have earned 50 points for your Rusty Riders session, and isn't that a wonderful story about the lady who is back on her bike after a 20 year absence? You also earned 50 points for the maintenance service offered and another 40 points for your breakfast event. Putting together such an engaging story has earned you 10 bonus points, plus another 5 for sharing the participation rates.

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