Bike to Uni Breakfast fun

Leah Knapp
Murdoch University

MU's Bike to Uni Breakfast was on Friday 22 March. We had about 40 staff and students attend. A door prize was offered (randomly selected, though the winner's colleagues were sure it was a rigged process!)

To break the ice and have some fun, I developed a table game - teams were to draw their vision of MU's Bike Week heroes, Professor Granny Gear and Dr Derailleur. There was much hilarity and some very silly drawings, but everyone chose this one as the winner.

Despite really implementing a very thorough outreach programme, which included posters all over campus, postcards with both the Murdoch Meander and the Breakfast collateral placed on bikes around campus, digital displays on big screens in the entry/ reception areas of Schools and Departments, and weekly posts in the staff intranet and Yammer outlets, I was surprised we didn't reach the target of 100 Breakfasters. I wonder if this is about the choice of day (a Friday)? If we do a Breakfast again next year I may try to do it on a Wednesday instead.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Hi Leah, Sounds like a busy Bike Week at Murdoch Uni! You have earned 40 activity points for hosting a breakfast event and 25 bonus points for reporting on attendance, reflecting on what you'd do differently next time and sharing your poster. I'm wondering if our fabulous Your Move community has any tips on how to up those attendance numbers?

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