Earth Hour, Sustainable Development Goals, and Blue Skies

Leah Knapp
Murdoch University

MU celebrated a landmark event during our Earth Hour (29 March) by becoming the first WA University to sign the 'University Commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals'. While active transport is not specifically identified in the 17 Goals, its benefits and impacts socially and environmentally are implicit in many of the Goals.

We asked staff and students to write down their Blue Sky ideas for implementing the SDGs at Murdoch and were pleased to note that of the 100s of comments left on our big campus aerial photos and the online survey, ongoing support for sustainable transport to campus figured very significantly. This info will be a great driver when we come to refine and update our Travel Plan later this year.

We offered these beautiful custom made cookies to people who contributed their ideas!

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Kylie (Your Move)

Hi Leah, you have earned 25 activity points for defining your issues and making a plan. It is so important when advocating for people on bikes, walkers and public transport users to be able to demonstrate that people really do what these modes to be a convenient option. Fingers crossed this lead to some great new active transport initiatives!

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