Getting Started 2019

Oberthur Primary School
Oberthur Primary School

Defining our strategies and issues was our first step.

Issues include:

  • Families living out of zone, hence longer travel distance
  • Safety of riding, walking or cycling to school
  • Parents feeling it is unsafe
  • Weather may not permit
  • Sufficient storage facilities for bikes and scooters
  • Students unsure of their path to school

Benefits include:

  • Children travelling to school together (walking, cycling or riding) to ensure safety
  • Building our YourMove points to redeem more storage shelters
  • Children learn mapping skills through mapping their path to school

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James (Your Move)

Hi Jin-nee - it looks like you are off to a good start for 2019. As you go make sure you let us know what activities you do in tackling those issues.

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David (Your Move)

Thanks for the update Jin-nee. Looking forward to reading about the strategies and activities you use throughout the year to combat those issues.

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