Piara Waters Primary School held it's first 'National Walk Safely to School' event this year. Students who walked to school on this day received a 'Walk to School Day' sticker, which they could use to select a piece of fruit or a healthy fruit smoothie. To make the smoothies, we had a very unique 'blender' bike, which required students to generate rotation in the blender by riding the bike. This helped to promote the importance of being active. With over 600 students walking to school, the blender bike was in 'full swing'!

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Love the concept of trading the sticker for a piece of fruit or smoothie. Over 600 students walking to school is amazing! Do you have a Your Move Schools leadership team in place? You might like to consider running a lower key weekly event such as "Fume-free Friday" or "Toes-day Tuesday". Raffles are a great incentive to get students involved and we have a great range of rewards you can use your points to purchase as prizes!

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Wow, what a turn out, that's fantastic!

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Thank you Jenny and Julie - we were overwhelmed with the number of students participating in our inaugural 'Walk Safely to School Day' Event. Love the idea of using raffle tickets, which can place them in the draw for prizes redeemed from this program. Having been so successful, we are considering having one day each month where students participate in a walk to school event. I do like the name "Fume-Free Friday"!!

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Katy (Your Move)

Wow! Look at that Blender Bike!!!! love this photo - Congratulations Piara Waters on such an enormous turn out to your event. Do you think that your school community could walk, ride, scoot or skate to school once a week if you started a Toesday Tuesday or Fume Free Friday?

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