The student team at Piara Waters Primary School has spent the morning conducting the Hands Up Survey, being briefed on their roles for Wednesday mornings and getting pumped about making a difference in their school. Kailin, Pax, Evie, James, Harley and Zia are ready to man the gates and hand out raffle tickets to thank students who have made their way to school by walking, riding or by scooter. These tickets will be put in a draw for great prizes at the end of term. From the survey we know that today, 23% of students came to school by bike (fantastic), 32% walked to school (wonderful) but 44% came by car (we’d like that number to be lower). There are many reasons why students may come by car, but it will be great to see a large portion of those 44% come to school in a way that supports their health and well-being starting tomorrow. Let’s make good choices and get moving!!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Kailin, Pax, Evie, James, Harley and Zia - great to hear that you are on board with Your Move. Clearly you have got your 2020 Your Move team together, so I have given you 60 points for that! I have a quick look back on your stories from 2019 and I saw that you had a regular fortnightly Walk to School day reading between the lines you have just relaunched this weekly, so that earns you another big 90 points! You also got 10 points for all the details.

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