Walk to school day -Class Competition

Kieran Moore
Piara Waters Primary School

This walk to school day we had a competition to see which class had the highest percentage of students walking or riding to school. It was great fun, with each child coming up to fill in their raffle ticket asking, how many for my class???? The winning class was Miss P's year 1 class. There were given badges and slap bands from your awesome rewards, and some fruit juice icy poles to enjoy. They had a massive 74.8% of their class either walk, ride or scooter to school. Pressure is on again now, our next walk to school day is in two weeks. It will be the last one of the year, and we are all aiming for more than 74.8% per class. Watch this space. Pictured below is Miss P and her class, along with Miss Heard (EA) and Mr Moore (Deputy Principal) who run the walk to school day events together.

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Thanks for sharing this, Kieran. 74.8% is a huge success for the Year 1 class and certainly something for the other classes to aim for (or beat!) next Walk to School day. Great work getting the whole school involved.

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