Walk to School day / National Bandana Day

Kieran Moore
Piara Waters Primary School

We swapped our Walk to School Wednesday to Friday last week to support National Bandana Day. We had 588 students walk to school on Friday, and sold 500 Bandanas to support CanTeen. So very proud of Piara Waters Primary School. It was such an amazing event, just listening to our students chatting about what their bandana means to them and how its helping kids with cancer was precious. This week two of our junior classes also won awards for having the highest number of walkers across the school, both with a crazy 79%. Love the culture we have created throughout our school community.

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James (Your Move)

Great idea to combine the two events! I've always thought crazy was a good thing - and this seems to be reflected in the 79% walk rate of your top 2 classes - well done! I linked your story to the 'Run an event' activity - so that has given you 40 activity points. Also I awarded you an extra 90 points for continuing your active travel day (Walk of Wednesday) in term 4, plus 20 points for doing a hands up survey (reading between the lines I imagine that is how you obtained the 79% figure).

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