Run Over Riverton

Lea-anne Frossos
Riverton Primary School

On Thursday 24th September we officially launched our involvement with "Your Move" with a new event we branded "Run Over Riverton".

On this day students were encouraged to arrive at school and leave from school by any other means than a car. Our Green Team promoted the activity at school assemblies and through Connect to parents. We engaged the support of our local Coles and Woolworths stores, as well as our P & C.

Students who came to school using some form of physical activity were greeted at the school entrances by a member of the Green Team and handed a token. The students were then able to exchange their token outside the Science Room for an orange juice or a milo. If students brought their own 'keep cup' they were rewarded with a marshmallow for the positive environmental impact of bringing their own cup. All cups used at the Run Over Riverton were recycled or washed to be reused in school-based teaching and learning programs.

The buzz around the school on this morning was very positive. The students embraced the activity and have started talking about the positive impact physical activity has on their mental health and wellbeing, while supporting traffic flow around the school and the impact on the environment with regard to less traffic. The Green Team were instrumental in the success of the event and should be commended for their engagement in the activity and for being positive role models for sustainability.

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James (Your Move)

Fantastic story Lee-Anne - and what a great day! It doesn't look like the kids are Riverton are too camera shy either - wonderful to see so many smiley happy faces! You have earned 40 points for your Run Over Riverton event, plus a bonus on 10 points for making it a really good read. I have also given you 15 'innovation points' for encouraging the use of reusable cups. Let us know if you report back to the school on the success of the day through the newsletter or perhaps at an assembly - you could earn some more points!

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