The stormy weather didn't put off our fabulous Your Move Team and students at Rockingham Beach Primary School as we launched our first Fume Free Friday.

Our student team advertised the event by creating posters and putting it across the PA system in the days leading up to Friday. Students handed out raffle tickets to children who battled the storm and rode or walked to school.

The students wrote their names on the tickets and dropped them into the special Your Move box in the library. Lucky tickets will be drawn next week at the school assembly for prizes.

All in all, it was a great start to our Fume Free Fridays. We are so proud of our students at Rockingham Beach as they embraced our new initiative. Keep walking and riding kids!

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David (Your Move)

This is awesome Kaye, congratulations on running a great Fume Free Friday. The weather this morning was yuck, so good on you and the team (and the school) for sticking it out!

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Great to see RBPS being so pro-ACTIVE. Go RBPS! If you get ATers on a wild day like today, imagine the response to Fair weather Fridays! Lovely to have you on board, Kaye & the Team. Look forward to reading more in the months to come.

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James (Your Move)

Great to see Rockingham Beach PS taking the bull by the horns are launching your FFF right from the outset! Running a regular active travel day in term 1 has earned you 90 points plus 10 for sharing with us how it works at RBPS. Make sure you give us an update each term to keep those points flowing in. I have inserted your photo montage directly into your story so that no-one misses those inspiring images.

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Thank you David, Arlene and James. The kids are super excited about the initiative. They are hoping to make a positive change in our community.

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