The Travel Plan working group for the South West Health Campus are gathering momentum to progress active travel for staff, visitors and volunteers. In July 2019 the group was formed to address barriers & opportunities identified by consultants engaged in 2018. This built on a travel survey of staff, clients and volunteers to the South West Health Campus in 2015 - a body of work that also considered the adjoining education precinct. The group is currently developing an active travel intranet page for staff, and including active travel information in the staff newsletter. Negotiations are also underway to potentially share an agencies' existing end of trip facilities with other organisations based at the Health Campus. And we are eagerly anticipating the commencement of a health promotion student who's project will involve promoting walking around and to & from the campus. I'll post some pictures soon ...

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James (Your Move)

Hi Deb - great to see you in full swing posting mode! I'm really glad you let us all know about your 2015 travel survey - as that has earned you 50 points and is a fundamental step to creating a travel plan. Talking of plans - you clearly have "defined your issues and made a plan", so I can also give you 25 points for that activity. The idea to share end-of-trip facilities is a real winner - please keep us up to date with how that progresses too. So many super plans - excellent that you have a reinforcement arriving soon!

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