Parking experience survey for clients & visitors to the South West Health Campus

Deb Brealey
South West Health Campus

A survey was developed to help better understand the travel needs of clients and visitors to the South West Health Campus. The Travel Plan Working Group was interested to know how they got to the campus & what their experience was once they arrived. For those who drove, we asked if they were able to find a parking bay within 5 minutes of arriving and if they were able to access an ACROD bay if necessary. We also inquired if they have used or would use public transport to get to the Campus. The survey information will potentially be used to inform promotion strategies for public transport and also to reinforce the need to ensure active transport options are viable for staff and visitors so that car parking is available for clients and visitors who require it. Special thanks to the Bunbury Hospital meet and greet team who helped administer the survey.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Deb - it will be interesting to hear the results when available, particularly for the 2 PT related questions. You have earned 25 points for sharing this survey (I agree that it could provide helpful input to your YM plan). Thanks also for sharing the actual survey instrument - that earned you 10 bonus points.

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