Postcode party followup

Deb Brealey
South West Health Campus

In July & August, staff at the South West health Campus met to look at how they could increase car pooling to work once physical distancing requirements were eased. There was a lot of discussion about the potential challenges to car pooling such as needing to take children to school or complete errands on the way. However many agreed that committing to car pooling once or twice a week was achievable & a good way to get to know their colleagues, reduce travel costs & ease pressure on car parking. The Travel Plan Working Group is reviewing incentives for those carpooling, such as designated car parks. These will be sign posted and promoted once car park redevelopments are complete.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Deb - great to hear that your Car Pool Party (I like the sound of that!) meetings were a success and that your working group is now moving forward on this initiative. These extra details have earned you 10 points.

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