Bike Racks Explode With Creativity at Bernie's!

Kristy Watson

Last Friday, the Year 6 Your Move team hosted our very first 'Decorate Your Bike/Scooter' competition. It was a recycle and reuse bike and scooter bonanza. The recycling theme generated so much creativity that it turned our bike and scooter racks into a colourful and creative explosion. Some of the bikes were turned into 'recycl-o-saurs', 'uni-re-users', 'Rudolph-cycler' and many more creative ideas! So much fun to be seen everywhere :)

Our riders were welcomed and congratulated for riding safely to school and showed off their amazing creations during a recess competition. The Your Move students were the judges and all participants were invited to take part in an honorary lap of the basketball courts for the main announcements. Students from Pre-primary up to Year 5 participated in the competition, and other school students watched on from the oval during recess. The biggest number of entrants came from our Year 1 co-hort, with 12 students out of 60 entering the decorating competition. Overall, there 42 students who participated from across the school. A fantastic effort, especially at such a busy time.

Two lucky winners were chosen from each year level and the students based their judgements on Creativity, Effort and Number of Different Materials used in their decorations. Every students received a Your Move sticker for entering. We then gave out two major Your Move Helmets and these happy students were over the moon with their prizes. All other winners chose either a backpack, pump or bike lock as their awards. An article has been written and announcements placed on our school website and feedback is, that WE LOVED THE COMPETITION. Our students were so happy to be riding their creations home safe and the Year 6 team are always on the look out for making sure helmets are firmly stuck on heads and not handle-bars!

Thanks to the Your Move team for enabling us to reward our winners with such amazing prizes!!

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James (Your Move)

What a day! And even better - it was with a recycling theme. You have created such an engaging story Kristy that I have given you 20 bonus points for keeping us all engaged. You also earned 5 points for sharing your participation numbers (another 42 kids on their bikes today, yay!). And that is on top of the 20 points for your actual event and 22 points for placing an article on your school website too. Have a great last few weeks of school!

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