Hey There, here is the latest gossip from the St Bernie's Sports Ministry. Its been fantastic to see students participating in morning fitness over the past week and seeing lots of children riding or walking to school, whilst staying safe with a helmet on. We hope more students will be trying their best in morning fitness activities.

Our super sport ministry jobs include, taking out the baskets before recess and after lunch and running morning fitness every day from Wednesday to Friday. We also help run the carnivals, Fume free Fridays and special Your Move events.

The Sports Ministry had a great turnout for 'Decorate your Helmet day' and saw the most imaginative, fun and fashionable helmets possible. This happened on the 12th of March. Our winning helmet hero’s on the day were Lola, Ruby, Kylie, Raylan, Georgia and Charlotte. We congratulated to everyone who joined in and put photo's of the Your Move prize winners in our newsletter.

We have also relocated some of our old bike racks to the front of the school to create a dedicated 'Parent bike-Parking Bay' recently this term. This was an ongoing issue in our school, where bikes were falling over against trees, left ot the front and all over the school. Since we identified the issue we planned to create a space just for parents and their bikes. Lots of parents are now using these racks already which is saving congestion at the front of our school and keeping parents bikes safe. Parents are loving their new parking bays :)

We are really excited to be more involved in sport and the Your Move events this year and we have asked if anyone has any great ideas for helping reduce car waste, traffic or achievements to please come and see one of us and we will share your great news. We have been enjoying morning fitness and our events so much. That’s a wrapper-ito for this week, byeeee. Sports Ministry

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for the Sports Ministry update Kristy! Great to hear everyone is so involved. You have earned 80 points for recycling that parking for parents to use, and 20 point for your Decorate Helmet event. Make sure you let us know about the next Fume Free Friday and any team meetings you have! For now you also get a bonus 10 for such an engaging run down of your activities.

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