Incidental Incentives 2024.

Arlene Yates

The Team has just launched a new campaign. Last year as part of our 10 year celebrations, we trialled Incidental Incentives. This year the Team has decided to incorporate this as a new campaign to promote AT. This is how it will work:

  • The Team picks a morning to check out Students' ACTIVITY.
  • We might be at the Bike Racks or the school gates.
  • It's INCIDENTAL as you don't know when we are going to be around, ready to write a raffle ticket.
  • So the more ACTIVE you are, the more likely to receive an Incidental Incentive!
  • All Incidental Incentives' raffle tickets = Star Card Stars.
  • SO be ACTIVE as much as you can!

This was launched at this week's assembly. (we are busy using the YM calendar planner to work out when to run our IIs so that we DON'T double book ourselves!) Next week each class will receive an information sheet outlining the above details; always good as a reference point! Coming soon: a Team report on what the IIs are & how we have planned them out.

Above the information sheet to be given to all classes. It's also up on our YM window.

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Hey Arlene - what an innovative little rewards campaign! 😃 You have gained 50 points for the campaign and 15 for the innovation, plus 10 for your instructive story! Curious to know how it goes - be sure to let us know! 💙💛

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Thanks, Johanna. Some years ago, one of the Team came up with the idea of "random raffle tickets" which was basically the precursor to Incidental Incentives. With last year's relative success of II, I asked the Team what about this year? And as they say the rest is history. The Team will be reporting!

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Nice one Arlene - thanks again for sharing your ideas!

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