Yes in this watery week it was time to do our SOY Hands Up survey. Would the weather skew results or was everyone happy to walk (& ride) in a little bit of the wet stuff? The results are in with AT at 44%, a little less than at the beginning of last year (47%), so DID the weather play a part? It really is just a moment in time & at best we can use it as a baseline from which to work.

So next week I will take this data to the Team for our final discussion on AT goals for this year. In our planning we have been talking about 2021 AT goals but I suggested to the Team that we wait for our SOY HU before setting the AT goals. This way we have a benchmark from which to base our AT goals. From there I will be encouraging the setting of SMART goals. Watch this space!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Arlene - thanks for sharing these reflections - it can be helpful for other schools to see that idiosyncrasies like the weather can affect the results of even a long-term engaged school like Warnbro and not to take it too personally! You have earned 10 points for this discussion on top of the 50 points you automatically receive for uploading a T1 or T4 HUS.

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Thanks James, love how you always put a positive spin on things! Our Team prefers to look at trends rather than a snapshot in time, so we will use our SOY HU as a reference point (or springboard!) for 2021.

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