Term 2 Assembly Presentation by YM Student Team

Chris Thompson

Year 4 YM Student Team members Luella and Chaerin did a wonderful presentation at the WDPS assembly today on planned Your Move activities for Term 2 and Term 1 results. They also presented the main reasons why WDPS is involved in YM – ‘firstly we are making a healthier environment by having less cars at school – we are reducing carbon emissions. We want healthier people – more movement equals a greater community by having less cars going to school means less chances of accidents. All of these things make Wembley Downs Primary School a better place.’ Great work girls!

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James (Your Move)

Excellent stuff Luella and Chaerin (and Chris!). It sounds like the girls really hit the nail on the head with their presentation. You have earned 25 points for your Term 2 assembly presentation plus 10 points for letting us in on the details.

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Thanks James!

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