WestCycle building receives some (bike) parking relief

Philip Taylor

Over the last few months, the WestCycle building has been experiencing some parking issues. Not the parking issues we are used to hearing (car parking) but rather bike parking issues. With several peak cycling organisations sharing the building (WestCycle, Bicycling WA, BMX WA and the Munda Biddi Trail Foundation) and a few new staff members, you might expect that this was eventually going to happen.

For those who have visited the building lately may have had to navigate their way through the sea of bikes at the entrance of the building. But yesterday, with a donation from Bicycling WA and the handyman skills by Oliver from the Munda Biddi Trail Foundation, the building now has two additional steadyracks, making for a much neater entryway.

Now you might be thinking that 5 bikes may not be many, but taking into consideration that there is around 10 people who work in the building (give or take a few volunteers on various days) that's a 50% mode share!!!

But with these new racks already full, we might have to find some more wall space so we can accommodate our visitors who come to our building by bike.



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David (Your Move)

Hello Phil, Great to see bike parking improved at your workplace and to hear that there is demand for more. Good example of how to maximise bike parking in small spaces and also make it visible - right near the front entry so making a statement that cycle here is the a norm.

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