For over a year, four White Gum Valley Primary School students have formed a ‘Bike Bus’ to travel to school.

Living in different streets across the neighbourhood, the students collect each other, before riding the final stretch together. Parents help out by keeping in touch via text messages to confirm where the bus is at.

One mum explained that the initiative has many positive benefits. ‘It is such a motivating start to my daughter’s school day. She thrives on the sense of independence it gives her, and looks forward to greeting her friends and arriving at school together with them.’

‘It builds trust and responsibility between the children, as well as between the parents. It is also great exercise!’, she said.

As the route contains a number of hills, the students’ legs get a good work-out as part of their morning ride. But that doesn’t deter them. ‘My favourite part is riding down the hill!’ one of the riders said.

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Surely the Bike Bus travellers are your Your Move advocates? Well done to these 4 actively-minded students.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing this informal bike bus that is happening in your 'hood Nyanda. It is great to hear all the positives that this brings. I have linked this to the WSB activity since we don't have one yet for a bike bus! This has given you 90 points as a one-off bonus. If the Bus Bike was to be promoted more widely - perhaps by a promotion and invitation to join it in the school newsletter - we could give you more regular points for this. You have also earned 10 bonus points for the 'good read' factor.

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