All of our classes from pre-primary to year 2 had a visit from one of the RAC road safety team to talk about understanding how to remain safe near and on roads.

Some of the 'Your Move' team sat in to find out what everyone learnt. We interviewed some of the students later and this is what they said....

'Stop-Look-Listen-Think.' 'Hold hands with an adult when crossing the road.' Always get out of a car on the path side not the road side.' Try to wear light clothes when walking at night.' Ring the bell on your bike when riding on the footpath to let people know that you are coming past.' 'Always stop where the footpath meets the road to check for cars.'

All of the messages that the younger students got from the RAC teacher were very helpful. We have signage on our paths for walking and stopping at road sides. We also try to encourage riders to have working bells and to ride with an adult especially when crossing the road. These messages will be shared again when we have our 'Ride to School' morning later in Term 1.

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James (Your Move)

Great to see the RAC incursion went out to all those classes and that in was well received. You have earned 25 points for the incursion, 10 for including all of K to 2 and another 10 for sharing the details of how it all went. I look forward to hearing how the upcoming Ride to School morning goes!

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