How we get to Fremantle for Excursions.

Glenn Rondoni

Fremantle is a wonderful city to visit. There are many places to see and experience.

Recently a group of our students took the public bus from our local bus stop into Fremantle and visited a supermarket to look at the role of each of the Departments that handle farm produce including the: Dairy, Meat, Fruit/Veg and Bakery Departments. This was part of their theme on Farms, for the term.

Other classes have, over the years bused into Fremantle to visit the museums, harbour, and other points of interest. One class linked the bus with a train trip to Perth to visit the cultural precinct.

After finding the correct place to embark and checking the time it left, our students boarded the bus for the return trip to school.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Glenn - better late than never! Sorry, I just saw that you missed out on a few points for this story - I have just given you 10 points for using PT for a school outing and a bonus 10 points for giving us all the details of your trip. It looks like it was a real success!

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