Bike Safety ... nothing stops us!

Julia Calvert

The dwindling numbers are not stopping Your Move at Winterfold. This week Room 8, Year 5/6, have been following the SDERA bike safety lessons. Interestingly students have learned a lot such as how to fit a helmet, not to wear a damaged helmet, penalties and fines and they have to ride with at least one hand on the handle bars. The opening lesson with the bike safety quiz was a real eye opener for some of the more adventurous bike riders!

The helmet lessons were great. Student found out what they are made of and why, how important they are to cushion the head and brain in an accident, how to properly fit one and when to replace it.

Having the opportunity to evaluate the impact of a bike accident on all concerned was also a valuable lessons. Not only did they acknowledge the effect of a bike accident on the injured person, but they also realised how much it impacts on those who are also part of the accident as well as those who witness it.

We coupled these lessons with the Studyladder online activities that covered road and bike safety to solidify these concepts. Hopefully all this new knowledge will change some of their unsafe behaviour as well as help them make the right decisions when out riding.

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SDERA is a great resource. Julia I hope you have had the opportunity to attend SDERA PD. If not, do so when you can. I have always found them well worth it; much like a YM Forum!

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Hi Arlene. Yep I’ve done the SDERA PD. Was great - although it was a while ago. Perhaps I can justify going again.

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James (Your Move)

An excellent writeup of your term 1 road safety activities Julia! Good to hear that you have covered fitting a helmet correctly - I see a few too many photos of kids in WA wearing badly adjusted helmets. Great also to hear that you also have linked it into Studyladder resources (I was prompted to check these out too!). You have earned 60 points plus a bonus 10 for sharing so much info.

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