Constable Care Safety School a hit!

Julia Calvert
Winterfold Primary School

Students from Room 11 & 3 had an awesome time at the Constable Care Safety School. They learned about bike safety, how to check a bike and how to wear a helmet correctly. They also learned about pedestrian safety, how to cross a road safely and to stop, look, listen and think.

They also got to ride bikes around the little mock town, across the railway crossing, around the round about, using traffic lights and pedestrian crossings.

Finally, they learned about passenger safety, how not to distract the driver and that anyone 145cm or shorter should be in a child seat.

We are so thankful that the rain stopped while we were outside and we got to fully enjoy our day out. Thoroughly recommend this excursion to everyone!

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James (Your Move)

Hi again Julia! I never get bored with a story on the Constable Care Safety School - I think it just brings back such exciting memories from when I visited it's predecessor in the 70's or 80s. The kids always have such a great time - it must be so rewarding for the accompanying adults 😊. You have earned 50 points for this excursion, plus 10 for your engaging story details.

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