Hitting the Ground Running

Julia Calvert
Winterfold Primary School

WPS have started the year running! To kick start Your Move for the year I presented at the SDD. I admit that I used a little bribery - Your Move pens purchased through the Rewards Shop and lollies and chocolate purchased with an Officeworks voucher from the Rewards Shop. This turned out to be a valuable presentation. Whilst most staff know what Your Move is, as they hear me spruiking it constantly, they didn't really know how the program worked and that it was all self funded. I even had teachers checking out the class activities that I had printed from the website to see which one they would do this year.

Next on the agenda was to complete the hands up survey. I sent my trusty class out to conduct these surveys and the results were very pleasing. We have a 4% decrease in car use. It doesn't sound like much but every bit counts. It has also been noted that our bike racks that we got new last year are almost full!! We are getting between 5 and 10 more bikes at school every day than we did last year. I have already been told by a few people (staff and students) that we are going to need more racks!

The final step at this point was to re-establish my student committee. Last year I had 12 devoted students working with me, however most of them were Year 6 and have now gone off to high school. I decided to limit the committee to Year 5/6 and see what response I got before opening it to the younger grades. I was totally blown away when 20 students turned up for the first lunch time meeting!!

During the meeting we looked at the survey results and thought about ways to keep this improvement going. We set up a regular meeting time - Week 1 for planning, Week 5 for progress updates and Week 10 for review with additional meetings added when needed for events. We also looked at the Your Move website, particularly the Rewards and the Activities and began our planning. We discussed out platinum accreditation for last year and set out goal on Double Platinum for this year - we really want some shelters for our bike racks. Finally, 2 committee members were chosen to write the first article in the newsletter.

At the end of all this, it is really exciting to see how motivate both staff and students are to support this program and achieve our goals.

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James (Your Move)

Welcome back for 2020 Julia! Winterfold has clearly hit the ground running - thanks for the update. It sounds like your PD went down well - and it earned you 70 points too. Getting your new team up and running has earned you another 50 points - make sure you let us know how your next meeting goes as well as sharing the newsletter story. You also earned another 10 points for making your story such a good read - overall a very worthy first post of the year!

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David (Your Move)

Hi Julia, great first post for the year. I think it's fantastic that you took the time to inform the staff about the program. A great way to generate support and buy-in from the rest of the school community for your efforts this year. Welcome back and well done!

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