Kicking of with Staff 'Encouragement'

Julia Calvert
Winterfold Primary School

It was a crazy start to 2021 but nothing stops Your Move at Winterfold Primary!

I decided to 'encourage' (yes, I mean bribe) my fellow teachers to deliver a Your Move lesson. I purchased some Officeworks vouchers from the reward shop and went shopping!

Each classroom got a pack of 100 x A4 laminating pouches, a pack of reward stickers, a pack of post-it notes and a suggested Your Move lesson for their year level. I also got the specialist teachers a little something that they requested.

I pre-empted this with an email explaining it was a gift from the Your Move committee and if they didn't like the lesson provided, copies of other lessons were available on the staffroom table and on the shared drive. I also gave some suggestions for writing topics and maths activities.

I had many thanks from teachers for the gifts ... and now I shall sit back and await their stories!

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Love your encouragement, Julia! Hope your gentle ways pack a punch & reward you with said stories. More to the point, hope WPS is ACTIVELY out & about! Call it a persuasive start to the year.

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I'm doing all I can Arlene! Just wait until all our grant items are installed!!

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James (Your Move)

I love your work Julia! This is a brilliantly innovative way to encourage other teachers to explore the YM lessons. You have earned 25 points for this, plus a bonus 30 for your innovation and 10 for explaining in detail what you did. Don't forget to post on what lessons come out of this promotion!

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