National Walk Safely to School Day (4)

Julia Calvert

Winterfold Primary celebrated National Walk Safely to School day on Friday – but we encouraged walking, riding and public transport as options. I’ve managed to inspire our Librarian, Mrs Bell, to jump on the Your Move band wagon with me – she has dedicated a Library pin up board to Your Move and, for this special event, added posters and information that she sought out herself.

This year we decided to reach out to the community and asked Scarvaci’s IGA to donate some fruit to hand out to our walkers and riders. We were amazed at how much they donated! We had more than enough to hand out to students and staff! We also had students handing out tattoos and stickers. During the day we conducted a transport survey and were very impressed with the results. It shows that we can get students to choose fume friendly travel options to get to school and it would be great if we would keep this momentum going.

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James (Your Move)

What a great day! I've got to say I just love those customised hi-vis Your Move team vests - so good to see them in action 😎. That really is good news about how much support you got from your IGA. And those increases in walking and cycling are just stellar 🚀. You have earned 40 points for your NWS2SD, 20 points for putting together such an engaging story, and another 10 points for sharing your survey results from the day.

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