Winterfold recently requested all parents to complete a travel survey via Survey Monkey. We promoted this survey through our newsletter as well as at assemblies. We had responses from parents who had children across all year levels and mostly from parents with only one child currently at this school. This week, I have analysed the results and founds that 53% of respondents live within a 2 km radius, however 63% are travelling to school via car. 30% live more than 4 km away and 38% are interested in being part of a walking school bus.

I asked parents for reasons they don’t walk/ride/scoot to school and what would motivate them. I had quite a mixed bag of responses. Some we can’t do anything about such as work commitments and younger siblings being a hindrance. However there were some responses that we are looking more closely at and developing some plans.

A few of these related to footpaths and crossings and we have already contacted the council and are in the process of applying for a crossing guard. The walking school bus is going to take some planning but it is also on the agenda.

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James (Your Move)

Interesting results. It is surprising you have such a large catchment (i.e 47% living >2km away) with other primary schools being so close. Regardless, it seems you are making progress on a systematic approach to improving AT rates. Although you have already received points for the survey earlier this week, I have given you another 10 points for sharing your findings.

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Yes, we are right next door to a Catholic school which increases the traffic around the school which is why we are pushing Your Move so much. It’s slowly seeping in.

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