Professional Learning in the Holidays!

Julia Calvert

You have to be pretty committed to give up a precious day of holidays for work. But a group of us did just that. Let’s start with the most important thing, the breakfast treat and morning tea were delicious! Morning tea was supplied by Gather Foods, an Aboriginal catering company, and was amazing.

We had some time to sit, drink tea and eat Portuguese Tarts and, most importantly, meet and chat with other Your Move Champions. We talked about where we are on our YM journey and some of what we are doing. It was so inspiring to hear other champions ideas, give advice and swap ideas and I came away with a list of things to try out myself. Also, making some new contacts was valuable, the swapping of ideas will continue!

David McMahon gave an overview of what TransPerth can offer schools. We already book him every year for the incursion but it was interesting to hear how TransPerth are accommodating schools for excursions. We are now all thinking how we can incorporate this into Your Move, sustainability, budgets and excursions.

Alice from SDERA gave us an overview of the Road Safety Program and resources that are supplied to all schools, as well as information on professional learning we can access through them also.

We then did a Your Move in 60 minutes activity (although we only had 30) where we looked at ways we can use and grow Your Move.

We caught the ferry across to South Perth, unfortunately missing the Intellibus – I was really looking forward to that one so will have to go try it myself sometime.

Our lovely host at the Zoo did a great job linking animal migration to Your Move. I’m afraid I didn’t do too well in guessing the distances for each animal. We also looked at the impact of development on animal habitat and what some countries are doing to counter this. Finally, we were rewarded by getting up close to some furry creatures, a very friendly kangaroo and some inquisitive wallabies.

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James (Your Move)

And there I was thinking the PD was at Rottnest! I guest that isn't a skinny quokka after all 🤔. Well I am so glad the courageous plan to run a workshop during the holidays worked out - thanks for helping to make the day a grand success Julia. You have earned 50 points for attending the Your Move Action Learning Lab and and other 20 points for your extensive outline of the day's events.

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Lovely to meet you Julia! You carried out a great question and answer session. Good luck with all your plans this year! Kind regards.

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Hey Sandy, that is Annita doing the questioning ... I just took the picture and used it ;). Rotto might be a good one for next time James, as long as it is also FREE! :)

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Ooops sorry I didn't mean to press comment reported :(

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