Road Ribbon for Road Safety

Julia Calvert
Winterfold Primary School

This week, every family at Winterfold will receive a Road Safety Ribbon and information sheet. (Thanks for the idea, Arlene from Warnbro). After seeing Warnbro's post, I immediately googled WALGA and emailed them, asking if it was too late to order ribbons. Thankfully, it was not! They arrived in the mail this week.

This is a great campaign that promotes road safety, particularly over the holiday period. It gives ideas on how to promote and be a safe road user - reiterating all the information students have been receiving through Your Move and the RAC Little Legend incursions we participated in earlier in the year.

Unfortunately, I found out about this campaign a little late to do too much more, but my diary is marked for mid November next year!

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Always happy to share the good "oil," Julia. So pleased you contacted WALGA & GLAD that you have this campaign already in your 2023 calendar.

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James (Your Move)

I'm glad that you weren't too late Julia! And I'm super happy that you learned about this through reading the Warnbro story 😊. Even if it was only the 'lite' version this year it is great to know that you have it all locked in for 2023.

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