Room 11s Sensational Your Move Assembly

Julia Calvert

In person assemblies are back and Room 11 took the challenge of being the first! With only a week and a half to prepare, they did a sensational job informing the school about fume friendly travel. First, the explained how they surveyed, collected data, graphed and then analysed how they all came to school. The results we not great. We discovered that too many are coming by car which is not a good thing especially when the majority of students live so close.

We then explained how we were looking at persuasive text about fume friendly travel, providing 3 reasons why it should be used (better for the environment, good for your mental and physical health, gets your brain ready for learning), a rebuttal for those who may come up with an argument (too early and being cold - but exercise warms you up and it's good for you to get up early) and did some problem solving about what to do if you live too far away (park and walk).

Finally, we promoted Walk Safely to School Day and encourage the whole school to walk, ride, scoot or skate on that day. As well as Maths and English, we incorporated some Technology by designing some fantasy fume friendly ways to travel to school and made posters of these. Miss Calvert was extremely proud of her class for the sensational performance! Our props are now being displayed on the Your Move noticeboard in the library.

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