Scooter Rack Investigation

Julia Calvert

During our class meeting, a student said that the scooter racks were full most days and we needed to get another scooter rack. So we took the opportunity to do a long range research task. Everyday we counted and graphed the scooters. We checked our Your Move points and discovered that we could use points to get the rack and we even did a little investigating about where we would place the new rack.

Unfortunately, the idea came at the beginning of the cold and wet weather, which we tried to factor in. However, our results showed that at this stage we do not need another scooter rack. We are committed though, so after the holidays we will continue our long range research and see if the numbers increase with the increase in warmer weather.

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James (Your Move)

Nice work everyone! It is great to see you taking a scientific approach to determining your priorities. It will be interesting to see if these figures change as the weather dries up. You have earned 15 points for conducting this investigation and 10 points for sharing how you did it and the outcomes.

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