Student Committee Ready to Go

Julia Calvert
Winterfold Primary School

The popularity of Your Move at Winterfold PS continues to grow. I, yet again, restricted membership to just Year 5/6 students. Even so, I still ended up with 35 applications!! Sadly, I had to make the difficult decision to only take Year 6 students - that was still a committee of 23. I promised the Year 5 students that they would have priority in 2022.

We held our first meeting today. We began by looking at the Your Move promotional video that starred some of last years committee. Then we discussed our grant and when the installation of the bike racks, shelters and bike repair station would be taking place. Finally, we did some planning of events for this term.

We have arranged our next meeting where we will fine tune the details for National Ride to School Day. With such a large committee I have decided to create sub-committees - one to make the PA announcement, one to create posters on the computers and one to assist on the day.

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James (Your Move)

2021 is off with a Bang at Winterfold - you certainly can't be accused of dragging your heels, Julia! Great to hear how Winterfold has leapt into the year. You have earned 60 points for re-establishing a student team, plus 10 for filling us in with all the details.

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