Walk Safely to School Day (1)

Julia Calvert
Winterfold Primary School

There was lots of excitement leading up to this special day. Winterfold was asked to be part of the publicity for Walk Safely to School Day in our local paper. We were supplied with some great shirts and had a photographer come out for a photo shoot. It was fantastic to see our Your Move Committee members in the local paper again!

We also ran a colouring in competition throughout the school. We had some great, creative entries and it was hard for the committee to choose the final winners but we got there – and they were published in the school newsletter! We displayed a selection of the entries around the school from Tuesday to Friday to promote the event and ensure it was on everyone’s mind.

And after all that lead up, we finally had our Walk Safely to School Day. Some committee members wore the Walk Safely to School shirts, others had fluros on, and they handed out stickers and badges to students who walked to school. Again we were impressed with the number of students who took up this challenged and walked to school. Now to keep them motivated to continue for the rest of the year …

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James (Your Move)

What a lot of action around WS2SD! You have really went all out with the promotion - your competition has earned you 25 points, your newsletter story 22 points, getting in the local media 25 points and not to forget 40 points for the actual event itself! A great effort, topped off with a bonus 10 points for writing such an enjoyable story.

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