Word Search / Crossword Competition

Julia Calvert
Winterfold Primary School

We may be in the middle of end of year craziness, but the Winterfold Your Move Team never sleep! We decided to create a competition for the whole school. Students could create a word search or a crossword using fume friendly travel words. The idea is that we may use some of these in newsletters next year (saves me the work of creating them!).

We had loads of entries from all across the school. Room 8 students got the honour of solving them all and checking they met the requirements. The Your Move Committee then had the very difficult task of choosing winners.

We didn't have many crossword entries, so we had just one overall winner - William, Room 6, Year 6. There were loads of word search entries so it was much harder choosing winners here - we decided to have one winner per block. The winners were Eleonor, Room 5, Year 1, Olive, Room 2, Year 3, Jack, Room 9, Year 3 and Tyson, Room 6, Year 6 (who was late so missed the photo). Winners were announce at the assembly and received their prizes.

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James (Your Move)

Nice to hear the team aren't resting on their laurels! This is a nice alternative to something like a colouring competition - you have earned 25 points for the comp and 15 for the innovative idea (plus of course 10 for another enagaging story 😊). I notice "Miss Calvert" made it into one word search 😆!

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Thanks James. I do like to keep it fresh and stay away from just colouring. Also, it halves my work as I can use their work for future competitions. :)

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James (Your Move)


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