Winterfold Primary is in the unique position of being right next door to a private school, Christ the King. Therefore, the excessive traffic on our streets affects both school. We have slightly different starting and finishing times to combat this however, we still both have too many students arriving to school via car when they could be taking an alternate method. With this in mind, WPS contacted our neighbours and have just met with some of their admin team. CTK were not aware of the Your Move Program so I got to share with them how to sign up and the requirements for staying registered. I also shared with them the actions we have taken at WPS to engage students in active and fume friendly methods of transport to school. They were very interested but now need to discuss with their admin team - especially as this program doesn't work if there isn't someone driving it! Fingers crossed they join up and we can take a dual approach to reducing traffic around our schools!

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Some great thinking going on, Julia! Well done on being so pro-active. Let's hope your neighbours see ALL the benefits of YM!

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James (Your Move)

I like your proactive approach. I've given you 25 points for your efforts here. Please keep us up to date with how things progress. I've actually seen this co-location idea in a few places in Perth and it always seems to cause significant traffic issues - I wonder if it was a planning fad or still current current policy.

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Thanks for sharing this story Julia and sharing your approach to addressing the local traffic issues. Fantastic to hear you are spreading the word to CTK on the Your Move program as a way to encourage people to rethink their journey to and from school and for giving them an insight into the types of activities that you have implemented. Hopefully we will see CKT on board with Your Move in the near future.

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