Your Move Assembly Item

Julia Calvert

Room 8 kicked off the year of assemblies with a Your Move presentation. It featured ‘The Great Debate’ with the topic of ‘we should all come to school by car’, which was convincingly won by the opposing team who highlighted the benefits would be reduction in traffic congestion at the front of the school, health benefits of exercising on the way to school and the benefits to the environment. There were also skits about being dropped off a few streets away and walking the rest and getting a group together to ride or walk to school. In between we had ads for Wilma’s Walkers – the best walking shoes, and Helga’s Helmets – safe and cool, as well as an informative ad about crossing the road. We are hoping that this will promote fume free transport to school for the rest of the year.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing your creative assembly item with us Julia - you automatically received 30 points for linking this to the Assembly activity. I have also given you 15 points for running "The Great Debate" activity and another 10 points for keeping the story lively with all the details! Great work.

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David (Your Move)

Sounds like a fun assembly! A creative and fun way to get the active travel message through to the whole school.

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