Bike Donation

Carmen Van der Linde
Ashfield Primary School

Ashfield Primary School was lucky enough to work alongside a Team Building company who works with corporate groups and one of the programs they run is called a “Charity Bike Build”. With this program their corporate groups build kids bikes and then find deserving kids to receive them. They work closely with Manna Inc to find children who are deserving of receiving such bikes and may have no other means of buying one themselves.

As our school also works alongside Manna Inc as part of our Breakfast Club Program, we were able to connect to the Charity Bike Build program. We identified that bikes are one of the best ways for our students to come to school, especially when they need to travel a long way or have limited funds for public transport. Our school completed a survey regarding the ways students come to school and who owns bike/scooters. By using our survey data and comparing these to attendance levels as well as distance travelled to school, we were able to select a handful of students that fit the criteria for the program. A few weeks later, we were able to deliver 5 bikes and helmets to our students' houses and they have been enjoying them ever since. I would highly recommend for schools who work with Manna Inc, to inquire about this program as it is valuable in many ways. Below is a link that may be helpful in accessing this charity group directly. Please feel free to contact our school if you need more guidance to get involved in similar programs.

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James (Your Move)

Another great Ashfield YM innovation! What an inspirational activity - I bet the kids were so happy. Thanks for clearly outlining how it all works Carmen. You received 25 points for the activity, plus bonuses of 30 for the innovation and 20 for the helpful details.

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David (Your Move)

As James said, great initiative Carmen! This is a cool story on so many levels. Awesome to see the community coming together in such an inspirational way. I bet there's plenty of other schools that could use this as a template and reproduce this activity in their location.

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