In Week 10 of Term 1 the Green Team ran a bike race to keep the bike week celebrations going. During bike week in week 7 we asked registration (form) groups to nominate a rider to compete in the bike race. They were in the running for a prize from the Green Team and to win points for a school competition also. We ran the bike race over 2 days as we had so many students wanting to compete. On the day we made sure we had our new your move tear drop banner out. I am so happy to say that the well oiled machine that is the Green Team absolutely blew it out of the water once again and never seize to amaze me with their organisational and leadership skills. It was a fantastic way to end the term.

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James (Your Move)

A great way to extend bike week and finish off the term - it seems there was even a bit of water pistol action in there, I hope it was a warm day! Was it a 'normal' race or a slow bike race?

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