BIKE WEEK - Green Teams Activity Plan

Jessica Truss
Baldivis Secondary College

All of our Green Team members are currently planning activity ideas for bike week and discussing different ideas through a brainstorm. Our first idea is to hand out raffle tickets to all those who ride to school, we will run the raffle giving out tickets every morning of the week just like our Footprint Friday events. It will be advertised that the more days you ride to school, the more raffle tickets you'll obtain and have a higher chance of winning the raffle.

Our second idea is a bike competition which is basically a timed race and an obstacle course on the oval. Our aim is to get an increase of students riding to school for bike week.

In our meeting today we also counted how many raffle tickets we gave out on Friday for Footprint Friday and had a total of 184. This is how many students walked or rode to school AND came through the front gates. We also came up with a roster of who will monitor the bike racks and give out raffle tickets each day for Bike week.

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Go Green Team! Lots of good ideas come out of brainstorming. Well done.

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Justine (Your Move)

Thanks Jess :). Would you say that 184 students taking active modes to school is about usual? Always great to see pics of how your Green Team approach the crucial planning stages for encouraging change.

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