The Green Team was at it again. Promoting and celebrating safe and sustainable travel while having a great time. To Celebrate Bike Week in week 7 the students were working hard to promote active travel. They were making juices at lunch to give out for free samples to students using a blender bike. We even had some celebrity riders join the ranks today with Mr. Svendson (Principal - image 3) and Mr. Jones (Deputy - image 2) putting the pedal to the metal. By popular demand the Green Team was back Thursday and Friday of that week producing some great flavoured juices and smoothies. It has taken a while for this post as we have been busy organising a bike race to finish off the term which is running tomorrow and Friday.

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James (Your Move)

I'm impressed that with that extreme low rider seat, the Baldivis smoothie express blitzed it's way through bike week! You've earned 25 activity points for this part of your week. Was there a particular day designated as Ride 2 School day, or did it last a whole week?

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David (Your Move)

I love the smoothie bike, it's always a hit! Great work, as always, from the BSC Green Team. Looking forward to hearing about the Bike Race events.

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