Footprint Friday at it again

Jessica Truss

This week the Green Team are hosting their second Footprint Friday for Term 2. We spent the meeting this week making posters to put up around the school which will help to promote walking and riding to the students at BSC, in conjunction with our PA announcements, daily notice inclusions and Facebook reminder posts. We have also teamed up with our Leadership Committee’s Boomer Shield competition to add some extra encouragement for staff to promote Footprint Fridays to students. So from now on, not only will the winners of the Footprint Friday raffle receive prizes and gift vouchers, the Registration class with the most active travellers will receive bonus points in our school wide Rego competition (with the added bonus of having the collected data to see which year groups should be our future targets).

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James (Your Move)

Thanks Jessica for this inside story on the tweeks you have made to your Footprint Friday AT day (these details have earned you 10 points). I really like how you have linked in to the existing school Boomer Shield system to provide some extra incentive.

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