Footprint Friday T3

Jessica Truss

Last Friday our Green Team hosted our second Footprint Friday for the term. With our Facebook advertisements, announcements in the daily notices and extra incentive to win Boomer Shield points and Your Move prizes! We had our Rego teachers do a Hands up Survey on how many of their students walked, rode, came in the bus and in the car to school and will post this data once the Green Team has analysed it in our meeting today. The winners of the raffle on Friday were Sasha Clarke, Amber-lee Davies and Brianna Dunne.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for your Term 2 FPF update Jessica. I have linked the story to the "Regular Active Travel Day Promotion - Term 3" activity, and that has given you another BIG 90 points. I'm glad to hear the Boomer points scheme is working well with YM.

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Nice work BSC Green Team. Look forward to seeing the results of the HUS when you share. Hopefully all the FPT promotion & incentives paid off and AT was the preferred mode of travel for the day!

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