Green Team Meeting 7/8

Jessica Truss

Today the Green Team were working in groups to plan and draft ideas for three separate projects that we have on the run at the moment. Due to a few hiccups we have had to go back to the planning phase of our new logo design. Taliesha, Daniel and Cameron worked on ideas for our new logo while we had the Kids Teaching Kids group and YM Activation Event group working on a draft plan for their workshops. We have Caileb and Tamieka leading the Year 7 girls (Lucy, Emily, Isabelle, Amy and Beth) with planning a workshop to deliver to Primary School students at this year's KTK event. Taking charge of the YM Activation Event planning is Keshav and Jacsinta with the help of Brayden, Bella, Jeremy and Tye. We have so much going on we can't even contain our excitement! Stay tuned next week for our bi-termly Footprint Friday event (now with added incentive for rego teachers to promote to students as we are now offering bonus Boomer Shield Points for the rego with the most active travellers).

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James (Your Move)

Great to hear that the plans are coming along, despite the hiccups. We are staying tuned!

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