Green Team Meeting - Friday 18th August

Jessica Truss

This weeks Green Team meeting was the first YourMove meeting for the term as we have been focusing on our UN sustainable projects. In yesterday's meeting the YourMove Green Team brainstormed a bunch of ideas for our next project. We have decided to get our stencils project underway this term with the help of Jess Sankey from the City of Rockingham. In addition we have planned to do a Primary School project with one of the junior schools near us. Our Green Team split into groups and will research and plan one of the ideas we came up with for a project to do with a primary school. As a team, we chose to focus on four ideas; 1.) A sensory journey aiming to provide students with an activity to demonstrate all of the positive things we can experience while walking or riding to school that you wouldn't otherwise experience when travelling in the car. 2.) A road safety role play demonstrating possible dangers of using devices on the road and consequences for not being safe. 3.) Help a primary school run their own Footprint Friday event. 4.) Importance of wearing helmets including activities where students can test different helmets, role plays and a mini-lecture on biology of the brain and spinal cord. We are looking forward to hearing everyone's plans in the upcoming week.

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Emma Jack (Your Move)

Wow! Your local catchment Primary Schools are very lucky Jess! Those workshops sound brilliant. We are excited about your Wayfinding project too. Jess has been in touch with us about artwork. If you want these two projects in your Activity goals you canadd them here: by selecting 'Add your own activity' at the bottom of the list. Congratulations on your 122 points recognising the innovative idea of extending your student leadership to the primary school.

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Katy (Your Move)

Hi Jess! Just a note from me to say that two schools in the Town of Vic Park recently ran a 'Make Your Move Week' where they placed 25 Your Move A4 laminated monsters in the local streets for students to find during the week - we are currently working to write this up as a new resource. If you'd like some further information, let me know - the YM Monsters might be a nice addition to your Scavenger Hunts!

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