PD day - Why getting active makes us feel so good

Jessica Truss
Baldivis Secondary College

Today I attended the YourMove 'Why getting active makes us feel so good' workshop. These Department of Transport events are always so fantastic to increase networking, get new ideas and overall feel inspired to be able to help our kids and the wider community be more active and healthy. We had the opportunity today to hear from some guest speakers which provided us all with an insight into the data and statistics of children, adolescent and adult health and physical activity in Australia, the advantages of being active in a workplace and some fantastic ideas to motivate and encourage people to do these things. Not only did I gain some inspiration and ideas to try back at school, with the help of Emma, we also transformed the famous Hands up Survey into a google form in the hope that this will increase staff participation numbers at our school. This will be trialled tomorrow morning and hopefully we gain some accurate and reliable data with this new collection method (and save paper). Lasly, we had time to reflect on our achievements for 2017, provide feedback on the website and think of what goals we will set to achieve next year. Our aim for 2018 is to not only continue to encourage our students to travel actively to school but to also increase staff involvement in the YourMove program.

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Great to see you at the forum Jess. We'd be really interested to hear how the Google form for the Hands Up survey went - hopefully it made it easier for more teachers to be involved.

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Hi Georgia,

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Hi Georgia, I am collecting all the stragglers today and can hopefully compile the results tomorrow. Unfortunately the online form didn't turn out to be easier as many teachers forgot (even with reminders). Back to the drawing board for next year! Maybe will try the google form again and work on it becoming a habit for our teachers!

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