Last year the Green Team achieved some amazing things such as getting the stencils put down on the most common routes to school and creating the access guides. These were both designed and produced by the students of the Green Team. Blogging about these amazing achievements earns the Green Team points. With these points they decided to get bike repair stations installed next to each of the bike racks at school. This story made it into the last newsletter and the bike repair stations were also advertised on Facebook.The bike repair stations are used on a daily basis and have really been a fantastic addition to the school.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for showing us your new bike repair stations in action - it's always nice to get feedback on how your rewards points are spent. You have received 50 points for that on top of the 22 points received for sharing the news to the school community through your newsletter.

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David (Your Move)

Such a great use of the points achieved by the Green Team in 2018! Onward and upward this year guys, Baldivis SC is already well on your way to another big Your Move year!

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