The Green Team did a great job of running Walk Safely to School Day today!We had half of the Green Team in the library stamping cards and giving out free sweet and savoury muffins and fruit prepared by our Hospitality kids and funded by the CIty of Rockingham (thank you!). The other half of the Green Team worked to hand out tickets to all students who walked or rode (with a helmet) to school at the front gates. We had an awesome turn out after promoting the event on the daily notices and over the PA this week.

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James (Your Move)

It seems your promotion strategy paid off - great stuff! I've linked your story to the WS2SD activity which has given you 40 points plus you got a little 5 point bonus for reflecting on the positive impact of your promotion. It's good to hear that the City of Rockingham and your Hospitality kids were onboard with the day too - well done everyone!

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Nice work Baldivis SC! It sounds like it was all hands on deck and you had support from all sides. Would love to know how many kids arrived by foot and bikes on the day- did you record the number of tickets handed out at the front gates?

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