Year 6 transition at Rivergums Primary

Chloe Mallen
Baldivis Secondary College

Another year and another transition workshop...... We are refining our workshop every year and getting great buy in from the Year 6 students.

This year we added a mock hands up survey by running a 4 corners activity. We saw lots of students who were already walking and riding but very few catching the bus. When we asked why it was mostly 'my parents don't want me catching the bus yet but I will be next year'. The workshop was great for these students as we could use the Access Maps to show them which bus they would catch and the route the bus would take. We also got to discuss with them about Smart Riders and the rules of travelling on a bus.

Our transition workshop is now an hour long with us splitting it down the middle to run some Waste Wise activities as well.

The Green Team students adapted so well this year as we ran 2 workshops the first of which was outside in yesterdays 38 degrees and the 2nd was in a classroom. The Green Team seamlessly transitioned into running the workshop in a different environment that they had practiced in. They never cease to amaze me!!!!

Quote of the day was from a New Green Team member was when asked if they like all of their classes and she responded "if you make an effort to get to know your teacher and try to be a good student you will like all of your classes". Maybe the best advice I've ever heard about going to school.........

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Who wouldn't want to be part of the Green Team when you have an introduction like this? Great to see how you made use of many of your YM "tools" (Access Guide, Hands-Up, Smart Riders) Well done everyone.

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James (Your Move)

Another excellent development in your "leading edge" transition activity - thanks for sharing all the latest developments. You have earned 40 points for running this, particularly for it being student led. There was also an additional 20 points for sharing so many details - I agree that the quote of the day is a real pearler, so wise!

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