Year Group Assemblies

Chloe Mallen
Baldivis Secondary College

This week a few of our amazing Green Team members spoke at the year group assemblies about the Green Team and the Your Move program. They not only presented to a whole year group (about 300 students) but the principal, deputy's and parents. The intention of this was to advertise and recruit new members. We have already had lots of students show an interest in joining and cannot wait to meet our new members on Wednesday. Well Done Brayden, Bella and Caileb!!

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Leaders of the future! A big well done to the presenters. What an impressive start to 2019. Looking forward to reading about the Green Team's journey this year.

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James (Your Move)

A great start to 2019! I linked the story to the "Run a You Move Assembly" activity, so you received 30 activity points for that. Make sure you write a story on the new teams 1st meeting so you can get another 30 points!

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